Jonathan Ollerhead

Jonathan Ollerhead

Marketing Campaign And Strategy For Tiny Life Supply

I had the joy of working on a marketing plan for Tiny Life Supply, a leader in providing solutions for living in small spaces. I helped create a marketing strategy for their website and social media. This included everything from analyzing their Google Analytics and creating an SEO plan to advertising on Google and social media platforms. Check out their website and social media for the Living Off The Grid campaign.

Social media Ads

Marketing Campaign And Strategy For CheaprEats

I had the opportunity to work on a marketing plan for CheaprEats, a food app that helps students find cheap eats on campus and save time by skipping the line. The main goal of the marketing campaign was to increase app installs by using a social media influencer and creating a promotional video to be shared across social media platforms. We also used social media contest to increase engagement. Watch the proof of concept video below.

Logo Redesign and Business Cards For Vanessa Schneider

Vanessa came to me to get business cards with her current logo but she mentioned she wasn’t super happy with the logo. Vanessa told me, “I chose a feather as a visual element (because a feather = quill = writing, and because I’m independent I am light as a feather – lots of flexibility and quick turnaround".

Logo and Business Cards

Branding And Business Cards

The logo had to convey a government relations and strategic planning consulting firm. What makes the firm unique is that they hold traditional/conservative values while bringing trustworthy scientific expertise. The solution: an infinity symbol paired with a contemporary semi slab serif using cobalt blue, a classic colour, to instil trust in consumers minds.

Logo and Business Cards

Brand And Website Redesign For WDYH (Who Dyd Your Hair)

Brand refresh and redesign of the existing website. Goals were to make the site mobile friendly and have a high fashion look and feel while appealing to a young and trendy demographic.

Mobile web design

Logo And Business Cards For Strictly Roots And Clean Youth Heart Entertainment.

The client wanted to unify his two brands to create one DJ entertainment brand for private and commercial events.

Business Card and branding for Strictly Roots

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